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4.1 Rep execution

Call rep program to launch a stand-alone librep environment:

usage: rep [rep-options…] [script [script-options…]

Where rep-options may be any of the following:


Print the current version number and exit


Tell the interpreter that it is running non-interactively, this reduces the number of messages output to the console


Interpreted mode. Never load compiled Lisp files: this can be useful when using the debugger.


Don’t load the user’s ~/.reprc script, or the site-init.jl script

-f function

Invoke the Lisp function function (with no arguments)

-l file

Try to load the Lisp file file, this is equivalent to evaluating the form ‘(load "file")’.


Terminate the Lisp process and exit.

If file is given, it names the Lisp file to load, and ‘--batch-mode’ is implied. Any script-options will be made available to the script in the command-line-args variable. See See Command Line Options.

After any arguments have been processed, it enters the interactive environment, unless ‘--batch-mode’ was specified. See see Interactive environment.