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5.27.6 Signalling Processes

Function: interrupt-process process-object #!optional whole-group

Sends the SIGINT signal to process-object.

Function: kill-process process-object #!optional whole-group

Sends the SIGKILL signal to the process-object.

Note that the functions stop-process and continue-process also send signals to the subprocess.

Function: signal-process process signal #!optional whole-group

Send the signal signal to the process process; if whole-group is true the signal is also sent to all processes in the process group of process.

process may be either a Lisp process object, or an integer defining the pid of the process to signal (not necessarily started by Librep).

signal may either be an integer defining the actual signal number, or a symbol naming the signal. All names are as usual but with the preceding SIG removed, for example the SIGINT signal would be sent by using the symbol INT. If a named signal doesn’t exist on the current operating system, an error is raised.

Returns true if the signal was sent successfully.

As with the UNIX kill system call, signal-process may also be used to test whether a process with a particular pid is currently active, by using a signal with value zero.