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5.33 User Information

These functions are exported by the rep.system module.

Function: user-login-name

This function returns a string containing the login name of the user.

    ⇒ "john"
Function: user-full-name #!optional real-name

This function returns a string containing the ‘real’ name of the user; the format of the string will depend on the host system.

If real-name is a string, it defines the name that will be returned by subsequent calls to this function.

    ⇒ "John Harper"
Function: user-home-directory #!optional user

This function returns the home directory of the user whose login name is user, or the current user if user is undefined. The returned string will be as returned by file-name-as-directory (i.e. terminated by a ‘/’ character under UNIX)

    ⇒ "/home/john/"