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8.8 Activating Window

When user wants to use a window, displaying, focusing, raising, etc, are necessary. Functions in this section do such jobs.

Function: display-window window

Roughly speaking, do everything necessary to make window ready for user.

The operations are done in the following order. If the window is iconified, it gets un-iconified. The workspace and the viewport in which the window lies is selected. Unshade if necessary. (See unshade-selected-windows variable below.) Then call the activate-window function described below.

It is defined in sawfish.wm.util.display-window module.

Function: activate-window window

Raise, focus, warp pointer if necessary, and mark the window as the top of window order. Don’t focus if the window doesn’t allow that operation.

Customizable: unshade-selected-windows

When non-nil, unshade windows when selected.