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8.17 Animating Windows

Sawfish provides certain window animation capabilities. They have been described as “lame”, so they are off by default.

Variable: default-window-animator

The animation mode when an window is iconified. The default is none.

You can set the animation mode for each window from the configurator “Window Rules”, or via window property. (see Standard Properties)

Here are listed functions to define and invoke animator.

Function: define-window-animator name fun

Define a window animator called name (a symbol) that is managed by function fun. fun is called as ‘(fun window op [action])’ when it should change the state of an animation sequence. Op may be one of the symbols start, stop.

Function: autoload-window-animator name struct

Construct an autoloader for window animator name from structure struct.

Function: run-window-animator window action

Invoke an animation for action action on window. Action may be one of the symbols start, stop.

Function: record-window-animator window animator

Note that window currently has an animation running, being controlled by animator function animator.