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15.2.2 Applications Menu Functions

Function: popup-apps-menu

Display the applications menu.

Function: update-apps-menu

Set apps-menu to user-apps-menu, and if apps-menu-autogen is non-nil, append the auto generated one.

Function: generate-apps-menu

Return the applications menu (a list), generated from *.desktop files which can be set to apps-menu.

Here’re functions to process each desktop file. See also the next section. (see Desktop File Processing)

Function: parse-fdo-file file

Parse an *.desktop file file list. Returns (group1 (key1 . value1) ... group2 (keyA . valueA) ...)

Function: fdo-filter-record fdo-list filter

Let filter process a desktop file entry fdo-list, and return the result.

If filter is a function, it’s executed with the argument fdo-list. If it’s a symbol default or some, then fdo-default-filter or fdo-some-filter is exectuted, respectively. If filter is not defined, will return the input fdo-list.

This can be useful for testing filters, and is also used internally.