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15.2.1 Applications Menu Variables

Variable: apps-menu-autogen

If non-nil, the applications menu is automatically generated from the variable user-apps-menu and *.desktop files, and stored in the variable apps-menu. Default is t.

If you set the applications menu manually to the variable apps-menu, then it won’t happen anyway.

Variable: desktop-cat-alist

Defines categorization of applications. For example, if a *.desktop file’s category has an entry “X-Desktop”, it’ll be classified as “Desktop” by Sawfish default.

If another option apps-menu-associate-categories is set to nil, then the original value defined in *.desktop is respected.

If you want to customize this variable, see the file lisp/sawfish/wm/ext/apps-menu.jl for the default value.

Variable: apps-menu-associate-categories

See the above. Default is t.

Variable: apps-menu-filter

The filter to use while generating the apps-menu. For the details, see See Desktop File Processing.

It can be a symbol default, some, or a function.

The default filters include fdo-toplevel-filter fdo-nodisplay-filter fdo-hidden-filter fdo-onlyshowin-filter and fdo-notshowin-filter. This is the default value.

The some filter only uses fdo-notshowin-filter and fdo-onlyshowin-filter.

Or if it is set to nil, no filtering is done.

Variable: desktop-directory

List of directories to look for *.desktop files. Default is ("/usr/share/applications").

Variable: kde-desktop-directories

KDE specific directories where *.desktop files are stored.

Variable: apps-menu-alphabetize

Sort the generated applications menu alphabetically. Defaults is t.

Variable: apps-menu-lang

Human language for applications menu generation, in string, like “en” for English. Default is set from the locale.

You can prepend anything to the applications menu, by setting the variable user-apps-menu. An example definition:

(("_xterm" (system "xterm &"))
 ("Emacs" (system "emacs &"))
 ("Firefox" (system "firefox &"))
 ("The _GIMP" (system "gimp &"))
 () ; Seperation horizontal bar
 ) ;; Auto generated menu will follow.

The system function simply executes its single argument using /bin/sh. The underscore defines the keyboard shortcut.

If you set value to apps-menu, Sawfish doesn’t generate applications menu from *.desktop files.

Variable: apps-menu

The variable containing the definition of the applications menu. By default, Sawfish automatically sets this.

If you set this variable manually, it is exclusively used, and Sawfish doesn’t generate its applications menu.

Variable: user-apps-menu

Your own applications menu entries. In the applications menu, this is followed by auto generated applications menu.

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