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Activating Window: Activating Window
Activation, of a window: Activating Window
Applications menu: Applications Menu
Applications menu filtering: Desktop File Processing
Applications menu functions: Applications Menu Functions
Applications menu variables: Applications Menu Variables
Attributes, of windows: Window Attributes
avoid: Avoided Windows

Change, of screen: Screen Change Notification
Classes, of frame parts: Frame Part Classes
Colors: Colors
Command Hooks: Command Hooks
Commands: Commands
Copying: Copying
Covering, of windows: Stacking Visibility
Cursors: Cursors
Customization: Customization
Customization files: Customization Files

defcustom: Defgroup and Defcustom
defgroup: Defgroup and Defcustom
Definitions, popup: Popup Definitions
Desktop workspaces: Workspaces
Destroying windows: Destroying Windows
Display functions: Display Functions

Environments, multi-head: Multi-head Environment
Event loop: Event Loop
Event Matching: Event Matching
Event Modifiers: Event Modifiers
Events: Events
Events, Synthesis: Synthesis of Events
Events, Synthesizing: Synthesis of Events
External applications: External Applications

Files, customization: Customization Files
Filtering, applications menu: Desktop File Processing
Focus, input: Input Focus
Fonts: Fonts
Frame basics: Frame Basics
Frame functions: Frame Functions
Frame part classes: Frame Part Classes
Frame part definitions: Frame Part Definition
Frame parts, removing: Removing Frame Parts
Frame styles: Frame Styles
Frame types: Frame Types
Frames, of windows: Window Frames
Functions, applications menu: Applications Menu Functions
Functions, display: Display Functions
Functions, grab: Grab Functions
Functions, gradients: Gradient Functions
Functions, other: Other Functions
Functions, pointer: Pointer Functions
Functions, rectangle: Rectangle Functions
Functions, Sawfish invocation: Sawfish Invocation Functions

Getting Windows: Getting Windows
Grab functions: Grab Functions
Gradient functions: Gradient Functions
Groups, assigning windows to: Assigning Windows to Groups
Groups, operations on: Operations on Groups
Groups, windows: Window Groups

Hiding and showing windows: Showing and Hiding Windows
Hooks, Command: Command Hooks
Hooks, Key: Key Hooks
Hooks, Other: Other Hooks
Hooks, Pointer Motion: Pointer Motion Hooks
Hooks, standard: Standard Hooks
Hooks, Startup and Shutdown: Startup and Shutdown Hooks
Hooks, Window Construction: Window Construction Hooks
Hooks, Window Cycling: Window Cycling Hooks
Hooks, Window Destruction: Window Destruction Hooks
Hooks, Window Mapping: Window Mapping Hooks
Hooks, Window Motion: Window Motion Hooks
Hooks, Workspace and Viewport: Workspace and Viewport Hooks
Hooks, X: X Hooks

Iconifying windows: Iconifying Windows
ignored: Ignored Windows
Images: Images
Infinite Desktop: Smooth Viewport
Input focus: Input Focus
Introduction: Introduction

Key Hooks: Key Hooks
Keyboard focus: Input Focus
Keymaps: Keymaps

Large Desktop: Viewports

Matching, Events: Event Matching
Matching, windows: Window Rules by Matching
Maximizing windows: Maximizing Windows
Menus, applications: Applications Menu
Menus, popup: Popup Menus
Miscellaneous functions: Miscellaneous Functions
Modifiers, for events: Event Modifiers
Monitors, multiple: Multi-head Environment
Moving and resizing windows: Moving and Resizing Windows
Multi-head environments: Multi-head Environment

Name, of Event: Event Name Representation

Other functions: Other Functions
Other Hooks: Other Hooks

Placement of windows: Window Placement
Pointer functions: Pointer Functions
Pointer Motion Hooks: Pointer Motion Hooks
Popup definitions: Popup Definitions
Popup menus: Popup Menus
Properties, X: X Properties
Property lists, of windows: Window Property Lists

RandR: RandR and Xinerama
Rectangle functions: Rectangle Functions
Removing frame parts: Removing Frame Parts
Resizing and moving windows: Moving and Resizing Windows

Sawfish Invocation Functions: Sawfish Invocation Functions
Screen change notification: Screen Change Notification
Session management: Session Management
Shading windows: Shading Windows
Showing and hiding windows: Showing and Hiding Windows
Smooth Viewport: Smooth Viewport
Stacking, of windows: Window Stacking
Stacking, visibility: Stacking Visibility
Standard hooks: Standard Hooks
Standard window properties: Standard Properties
Startup and Shutdown Hooks: Startup and Shutdown Hooks
Sticky, windows: Window Stickiness
Styles, frame: Frame Styles
Synthesis of Events: Synthesis of Events

Themes: Themes
Types, of windows: Window Types

Variables, applications menu: Applications Menu Variables
Viewport Hooks: Workspace and Viewport Hooks
Viewports: Viewports
Virtual desktop: Workspaces
Visibility, stacking: Stacking Visibility

Window attributes: Window Attributes
Window Construction Hooks: Window Construction Hooks
Window cycles, dynamic: Dynamic Window Cycles
Window cycles, fixed: Fixed Window Cycles
Window Cycling Hooks: Window Cycling Hooks
Window Destruction Hooks: Window Destruction Hooks
Window frames: Window Frames
Window frames, basics: Frame Basics
Window frames, frame part classes: Frame Part Classes
Window frames, frame part definitions: Frame Part Definition
Window frames, functions: Frame Functions
Window frames, removing frame parts: Removing Frame Parts
Window frames, styles: Frame Styles
Window frames, themes: Themes
Window frames, types: Frame Types
Window Mapping Hooks: Window Mapping Hooks
Window Motion Hooks: Window Motion Hooks
Window properties, standard: Standard Properties
Window property lists: Window Property Lists
Window stacking: Window Stacking
Window stickiness: Window Stickiness
Window types: Window Types
Windows: Windows
Windows, Animating: Animating Windows
Windows, attributes of: Window Attributes
Windows, avoided: Avoided Windows
Windows, cycling between: Cycling Between Windows
Windows, destroying: Destroying Windows
Windows, iconifying: Iconifying Windows
Windows, ignored: Ignored Windows
Windows, input focus: Input Focus
Windows, lowering: Raising and Lowering Windows
Windows, maximizing: Maximizing Windows
Windows, moving and resizing: Moving and Resizing Windows
Windows, raising: Raising and Lowering Windows
Windows, shading: Shading Windows
Windows, showing and hiding: Showing and Hiding Windows
Windows, stacking: Window Stacking
Windows, types of: Window Types
Windows, X properties: X Properties
Workspace Hooks: Workspace and Viewport Hooks
Workspaces: Workspaces

X Hooks: X Hooks
X properties: X Properties
Xinerama: RandR and Xinerama
Xrandr: RandR and Xinerama

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