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7 Cursors

Cursors define the shape and hot-spot of the mouse pointer’s image. A lisp type is provided for manipulating these objects. For pointer related functions, See Pointer Functions.

Function: cursorp arg

Returns t if arg is a member of the cursor type.

Function: get-cursor data

Returns the cursor object representing the cursor defined by data. If data is a symbol, it’s replaced by its cursor-shape property.

Possible data values are an integer representing a glyph in the standard X11 cursor font, or a four-element vector.

The format for a vector is [image mask fg bg] where image and mask are the filenames of standard X11 bitmaps, and fg and bg are colors (or names of colors). All bitmap files are searched for using the image-load-path variable.

Function: recolor-cursor cursor fg bg

Change the colors of the cursor object cursor to fg and bg (either color objects or the names of colors).

Function: default-cursor #!optional cursor

Set the cursor object displayed in the root window, and in parts of window frames that have no other cursor specified, to cursor.

If called with no argument, simply return the current such cursor object.

So that the integer indices of glyphs in the X11 cursor font do not have to be remembered, the cursor-shape properties of the following symbols are automatically set:

X_cursor, arrow, based_arrow_down, based_arrow_up, boat, bogosity, bottom_left_corner, bottom_right_corner, bottom_side, bottom_tee, box_spiral, center_ptr, circle, clock, coffee_mug, cross, cross_reverse, crosshair, diamond_cross, dot, dotbox, double_arrow, draft_large, draft_small, draped_box, exchange, fleur, gobbler, gumby, hand1, hand2, heart, icon, iron_cross, left_ptr, left_side, left_tee, leftbutton, ll_angle, lr_angle, man, middlebutton, mouse, pencil, pirate, plus, question_arrow, right_ptr, right_side, right_tee, rightbutton, rtl_logo, sailboat, sb_down_arrow, sb_h_double_arrow, sb_left_arrow, sb_right_arrow, sb_up_arrow, sb_v_double_arrow, shuttle, sizing, spider, spraycan, star, target, tcross, top_left_arrow, top_left_corner, top_right_corner, top_side, top_tee, trek, ul_angle, umbrella, ur_angle, watch, xterm.

The glyphs associated with these names are shown in Appendix I, of Volume Two, Xlib Reference Manual.

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