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10.4 Frame Functions

Function: set-window-frame window frame-def

Sets the frame of the client window associated with the object window to that defined by the list of frame part definitions frame-def. If the window is mapped the old frame will be destroyed and a new frame constructed.

Function: window-frame window

Return the list of frame part definitions defining the frame associated with window.

Function: window-framed-p window

Return t when window has been reparented to a frame created by the window manager.

Function: refresh-window window

Refresh all the frame parts belonging to window.

Function: rebuild-frame window

Recreates the window frame associated with window, from the previously defined frame definition. All frame parts are reinitialized and recalibrated.

Function: window-frame-dimensions window

Return the size of the window window including the frame, in a cons cell (width . height).

The size excluding the frame is returned by window-dimensions. (see Window Attributes)

Function: window-frame-offset window

Return a cons cell (x . y) defining the offset from the origin of the client window associated with window to the origin of its frame. That is, their values are negative integers.

Function: window-border-width window

Return the width of the border of the window that window manages.

Function: clicked-frame-part

Return a pointer to the frame part object that was clicked on as part of the current event. Returns nil if no frame part was clicked on.

Function: frame-part-dimensions part

Return a cons cell (width . height) of dimensions for frame part part.

Function: frame-part-position part

Return a cons cell (x . x) of the relative position of frame part part against its window’s frame origin.

Function: window-frame-id win

Returns the numeric id of the framing window associated with object window. Returns nil if the client window has no frame.

Function: frame-part-window part

Return the window object associated with this frame part.

Function: frame-part-x-window part

Return the X11 window ID associated with this frame part.

Function: frame-draw-mutex lock

If lock equals to t, frame part redraws will be delayed. The redraws will take place once the function is called with lock set to nil.

Returns the previous value.

Function: frame-state-mutex lock

If lock is non-nil, the state of frame parts will not be altered at pointer enter and leave events.

Returns the previous value.

Function: map-frame-parts function window

Call (function part) on each the frame parts of window and return nil. If any function returns nil, map-frame-parts returns nil immediately.

Function: rebuild-frame-part part

Build a new copy of the frame part part and install the copy in the owning window, replacing the old part.

Function: refresh-frame-part part

The frame part part will be redrawn at the next opportunity.

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