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10.6 Frame Styles

Frame styles are used to encapsulate frames of the different types that have a single visual appearance. Each frame style associates a name with a function that creates a frame definition for a particular window and frame type combination.

Several window properties are used while choosing frame styles:

Window Property: frame-style

The user-chosen frame style of the window. If nil, Sawfish will use the default frame style.

Window Property: current-frame-style

The current frame style of the window. This is not set explicitly; window update functions will change it behind the scenes.

Window Property: ignored

When set, the window is not given a frame.

Function: reload-frame-style name

Reloads the frame style name from disk if it is already known to the system. All windows with that style are reframed.

Function: update-frame-font-color

Reloads the frame font colors, if use-custom-font-color is true. Use frame-font-active-color and frame-font-inactive-color to modify the frame font colors.