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8.20 Ignored Windows

Sawfish has a general concept of “ignored” windows; the user does not interact normally with those windows. The concept is actually defined by five different window properties:


The window does not receive frames.


The window never receives the input focus.


The window is ignored while window cycling.


The window will not be included in the window list.


The window will not be included in the task list.

A monitor application such as “xload” might have all five of these flags set.

Rather than directly manipulating the window properties, it is better to use the following access functions:

Function: window-ignored-p window

Returns true if the window has the ignored property, false otherwise.

Function: make-window-ignored window
Command: make-window-ignored window

Ignore the window window.

Function: make-window-not-ignored window
Command: make-window-not-ignored window

Unignore the window window.

Function: toggle-window-ignored window
Command: toggle-window-ignored window

If window-ignored-p would return true for window, make it unignored. Otherwise make it ignored.

The remaining flags only have toggle functions implemented right now:

Function: toggle-window-never-focus window
Function: toggle-window-cycle-skip window
Function: toggle-window-list-skip window
Function: toggle-task-list-skip window

Toggle the appropriate flag on window. They have the same name commands.

All five of the flags are available through the window menu’s “Toggle” entry.