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8.14 Maximizing Windows

The dimensions of a window may be temporarily maximized, stretching as far as possible within the screen in one or two dimensions.

If you have multiple monitors, maximization is done within a head, unless stated explicitly that it’s xinerama.

Function: window-maximizable-p window #!optional direcion hints

Return t when window is maximizable. The window property never-maximize prevents maximization.

If defined, direction is a symbol, either vertical or horizontal, and maximization will only occur for that direction.

The optional argument hints overrides the window’s hints.

Function: window-maximized-p window

Return t when window is maximized in any direction.

Function: window-maximized-vertically-p window

Return t when window is vertically maximized, regardless if it’s horizontally maximized or not.

Function: window-maximized-horizontally-p window

Return t when window is horizontally maximized, regardless if it’s vertically maximized or not.