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15.1 Ready-made Popups

First let’s see popup menus available out-of-box. There are root menu, window operation menu, window list menu, applications menu, and others.

The root menu is obviously the most important one. Many things can be done from the root menu, including other menus invocation. By default, you can call the root menu by middle-clicking the background screen, i.e., anywhere outside of all windows.

The window operation menu is what the name describes. You can call it from window’s frames like buttons or the title bar, depending on themes.

The window list menu lets you choose a window. When selected, that window is shown, raised, and focused.

The applications menu lets you invoke softwares. Many options are available, and it’s explained in the next section. (see Applications Menu)

Popup menu invocation functions can be called from keyboard or mouse.

Function: popup-root-menu

Display the main menu.

Function: popup-window-ops-menu

Display the window operation menu. This has several bindings by default. In particular, clicking on a window’s menu button displays this menu.

Function: popup-window-list-menu

Display the menu containing the list of all open windows.

Function: popup-apps-menu

Popup the applications menu.

Here are popup menu options.

Variable: menus-include-shortcuts

When true, menu items also display the key-binding. Defaults to false.

The actual creation of a popup menu is performed by an auxiliary process. By default, it stays after menu use is done, and reused at the next menu invocation.

Variable: menu-program-stays-running

Defines if and how long the menu program stays alive after the last menu has completed. If nil, the program is terminated immediately. This means each time the popup menu is invoked, menu program is executed.

If it’s t it is left running indefinitely, if an integer then the program may last for that many seconds.

You can modify menus. See Popup Definitions.

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