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8.13 Shading Windows

Many window managers allow a window to be shaded; when in this state only the title bar of the window is visible.

Function: window-shaded-p window

Returns true when window is shaded, false otherwise.

Function: shade-window window
Command: shade-window window

Arrange for only the title bar of window to be visible.

Function: unshade-window window
Command: unshade-window window

If the window is shaded, restore it to it’s original state.

Function: toggle-window-shade window
Command: toggle-window-shaded window

Toggle the shaded state of the window.

Variable: raise-windows-when-unshaded nil

When true, raise windows when they are unshaded. Defaults to false.

The shaded property of a window is set to t when the window is shaded. If a window is added with this property already set, then the window will appear in its shaded state.