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8.9.2 Stacking Visibility

There’re functions which tell how the window is covered by others.

Function: stacking-visibility window

Returns unobscured if window is unobscured, fully-obscured if one or more windows completely obscure window, or partially-obscured if one or more window partially obscure window.

Deciding between fully and partially obscured can be expensive. If window-obscured satisfies your needs, use that in preference to stacking-visibility.

Function: window-obscured window

Returns nil if window is unobscured, t if window is completely obscured by exactly one other window, or a list of windows that partially obscure window.

If a list of partially obscuring windows is returned, taken together they may or may not fully obscure window.

Obsolete Function: window-visibility window

Returns a symbol defining the current visibility of window. Possible returned symbols are fully-obscured, partially-obscured or unobscured.

window-visibility is deprecated. It is unreliable when using the Composite extention, as every window is reported unobscured. Use window-obscured and stacking-visibility instead.