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22 Standard Hooks

Sawfish provides many hooks to allow extension of previously defined functions. Also, many X events are exported to the Lisp environment via the hooks mechanism. For more details on the hooks mechanism see Normal Hooks in The Librep Manual.

As well as using the standard call-hook function, sawfish also provides the call-window-hook function. This is used to invoke hooks which refer to a single window. Such hook is called “window hook”. If a window hook has a local value defined in the window’s property list then this value is used, before the default value defined by the actual variable.

Function: call-window-hook hook window #!optional args hook-type

Call hook for window with further arguments args. See call-hook for a description of hook-type. Each function in the hook is called with arguments (window . args).

Root window is represented by the symbol root.

The available hooks are listed below.

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