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8.7 Window Groups

Sawfish provides extra tools and commands for dealing with ICCCM groups. Most “normal” groups work the same way as they do in the ICCCM standard: windows have a group property that is set to the X window ID of the group leader. These are “group IDs”, and they are always positive integers. In addition, Sawfish allows group IDs to be:

negative integers

These are anonymous user-defined groups.


These are named user-defined groups. Named user-defined groups are saved as part of window properties when saving sessions.

Function: window-group-id window

If window is part of a group, return the X window id of the leader of that group. Otherwise return nil.

Function: window-group-ids

Return the list of all group ids.

There may be certain named groups that always exist, whether or not any window belongs to them.

Variable: peristent-group-ids

A list of symbols naming groups that always exist.

In any case, a window is limited to belonging to one group, and always belongs to one group.