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22.5 Window Mapping Hooks

Window Hook: map-notify-hook
Window Hook: unmap-notify-hook
Window Hook: reparent-notify-hook
Window Hook: shape-notify-hook

Called with a window is mapped, unmapped, reparented, or has its shape changed, respectively.

Note that iconifying and uniconifying windows triggers unmapping and mapping, respectively.

Window Hook: iconify-window-hook
Window Hook: uniconify-window-hook
Window Hook: shade-window-hook
Window Hook: unshade-window-hook
Window Hook: window-maximized-hook
Window Hook: window-unmaximized-hook
Window Hook: window-depth-change-hook

Called when a window is iconified, uniconified, shaded, unshaded, maximized, unmaximized, or has its depth changed, respectively.

Window Hook: visibility-notify-hook

Called when a window’s visibility changes. In addition to the window, the hook is called one one of the symbols fully-obscured, partially-obscured, or unobscured.

Window Hook: place-window-hook

Called the first time a window is mapped, or if the window does not have a true placed property. This is an or-type hook—the first function that returns non-nil will terminate the hook call.