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22.6 Window Motion Hooks

Window Hook: window-moved-hook
Window Hook: window-resized-hook

Called whenever the window is moved or resized.

This hook is called inside the move-window-to and move-resize-window-to functions, so any operation that moves the window will trigger this hook. The window motion does not have to be interactive.

Note that outline window sizing and movement does not use move-window-to or move-resize-window-to, except at the very end of the operation.

Compare with while-moving-hook and while-resizing-hook.

Window Hook: before-move-hook
Window Hook: before-resize-hook

Called before starting an interactive move or resize.

Window Hook: while-moving-hook
Window Hook: while-resizing-hook

Called during every pointer motion event during a move or resize. This includes outline window motion. The calls take place before the window or its outline are actually moved.

Compare with window-moved-hook and window-resized-hook.

Window Hook: after-move-hook
Window Hook: after-resize-hook

Called after completion of an interactive move or resize. In addition to the window, the hook is called with a list of symbols indicating how the window was moved or resized: horizontal and vertical for movement, right, left, bottom and top for resizing.

Window Hook: before-slide-hook

Called before a window move when using key binding.

Hook: after-restacking-hook

Called after any window restacking operation, including (but possibly not limited to restack-windows, x-raise-window and x-lower-window. The hook functions take no arguments.