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11.4 Windows and Viewports

Function: window-viewport window

Returns a cons cell (col . row) of the viewport holding the top-left corner of window.

Function: window-outside-viewport-p window #!optional viewport

Returns true if window is completely outside the current viewport in any direction. If viewport is specified check against that viewport rather than the current one.

Function: window-absolute-position window

Returns the coordinates of the window as if the window’s viewport is selected. The return value is the cons cell (x . y).

Function: set-window-viewport window col row

Move window to the cell at (col, row). The relative position of the window within the cells is preserved.

Function: move-window-viewport window col-delta row-delta

Move window to the cell col-delta positions across and row-delta positions down from its current cell. The relative position of the window with its cells its preserved.

Function: move-window-to-current-viewport window

Move window from its existing viewport to the current viewport. The window’s relative position in the existing viewport is preserved after the move.

Function: move-viewport-to-window window

Move the viewport to a cell that shows window window. For a window that spans multiple cells, this function will pick the cell showing the window’s top-left corner.

Customizable: uniconify-to-current-viewport

When true, windows uniconify to the current viewport, rather than to the viewport they were iconified on. Defaults to true.