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22.10 Workspace and Viewport Hooks

Hook: enter-workspace-hook
Hook: leave-workspace-hook

Called when switching from one workspace to another. This includes switching caused by adding or removing a workspace. The hook is called with a list containing the workspace in question.

Window Hook: add-to-workspace-hook
Window Hook: remove-from-workspace-hook

Called when a window is added or removed from a workspace. In addition to the window, the hook is called with a list containing the workspace being changed. If the window is in multiple workspaces, then removing triggers remove-from-workspace-hook for each workspace.

Hook: workspace-state-change-hook

Called when any aspect of the workspaces change, including adding a workspace, removing a workspace, moving a workspace, inserting or removing a window from a workspace, etc. This hook is called with no arguments, so you should use one of the more specific hooks if possible.

Hook: viewport-resized-hook

Hook called when the number of rows and columns in each workspace is changed.

Hook: viewport-moved-hook

Called when the origin of the viewport into the workspace is moved.

Hook: enter-flipper-hook
Hook: leave-flipper-hook

See See EdgeActions.