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25.5 X Bitmaps and Pixmaps

Function: x-bitmap-p

Return t if arg is an X-bitmap object.

Function: x-create-bitmap (width . height)

Create a bitmap of size widthxheight.

Function: x-create-pixmap (width . height)

Create a pixmap of size widthxheight.

Function: x-destroy-drawable drawable

Destroy the X drawable drawable.

Function: x-drawable-height drawable
Function: x-drawable-width drawable

Return the height / width in pixels of drawable.

Function: x-drawable-id drawable

Return the X11 drawable-ID (an integer) associated with drawable.

Function: x-drawable-p obj

Return t if obj is an X drawable object.

Function: x-grab-image-from-drawable drawable mask

Return a new image object copied from drawable. Mask is a stencil mask for the image; black pixels in mask become transparent in the returned image.

Function: x-pixmap-p obj

Return t if obj is an X pixmap object.